What are manners? 

Dictionary.com defines manners as “a socially acceptable way of behaving.” 

At least that is what it used to mean, and still should.  The manners of both adults and children today are not acceptable. 


It is because manners have lost the place they once held in society since we did not continue to ensure its importance. 

It is up to us to change that. 

Let me give you an example: 

I lived in Washington D.C. for a while and used to ride the metro system each day.  I was astounded at the lack of manners that I saw.  Youth sat in seats and let older passengers and pregnant women stand without offering them their seat.  Men usually did not offer their seats to women either. 

I was always shocked by what I saw.  I would give up my seat for older persons, but the young people for the most part just sat there.  That would have been totally unacceptable when I was younger.  This is a result of neglecting to teach manners to the extent that is needed.

Good manners will open doors for you and your children.  The right people will notice. 

It could mean the difference between your child getting an opportunity or not.  If I were a manager and I was looking for someone to work for me, I would choose the one who said “please” and “thank you” and was courteous to me.  The one who showed good manners would be at the forefront. 

If a person does not show good manners to the parent, teacher, boss or other leader, that person will not show good manners to others around them either. 

If I were in the leadership position and I hired someone to work for me, I would want to know that the person I hired would show good manners to clients or customers.  This process starts when children are young.  It is up to the parent to teach them these good manners.

When I was young, the use of manners was visibly seen throughout society by both the young and old. 

Not so much today. 

The use of manners needs to be incorporated into all aspects of life and specifically taught by parents and grandparents.  Please teach your children manners, and it will open doors for them in life. 

It is a step on the road to success – to becoming a champion in life.  We are in a world that needs more focus on manners. 

Teaching manners is an important component of the teaching in my course modules.

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